Florés Boticario

Florés Boticario Balancing Mist and No.6 Beauty Primer

Florés Boticario Balancing Mist and No.6 Beauty Primer

Toronto-based Florés Boticario focusses on artisan skincare designed with health and editorial beauty in mind. Just like the line’s undeniably beautiful presentation, the ingredients reflect an inherent sense of creativity. There are classic components such as jojoba seed oil, certified organic essential oils, and aloe leaf juice, but what stands out is something less familiar: sea kelp bioferment.

Fermentation is a process typically thought of when it comes to food. Simply put, it is the breaking down of an ingredient into a much more absorbable and nutrient-dense form. In the case of skincare, this is excellent news! Increasing our skin’s ability to take in nutrients by including fermented ingredients is genius.

Technicalities aside, Florés Boticario delivers on all fronts, including products to nourish for natural beauty, as well as perfectly prime the skin for makeup. The best of both worlds.

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